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Website ➜ www.anfront.it

%WEB – AnFront offers an unforgettable experience in the Barolo Langa. High-level stays in a suggestive setting, to fully experience the magic of a UNESCO territory. The structure offers different types of high-level services, including accommodation, breakfast, winery and tastings.

%VIDEO – Representing Italy in a video is a titanic undertaking. How do you do? And if the video has to be short, what’s the right way to show everything?
%ONE – Wine experts, they share the passion with the whole family. Two sisters, Giovanna and Marcella, look after and manage the cellars of the Castello di Verduno and the Agriturismo Ca ‘del Re. Their luxuriant garden is the ideal place for a light lunch, a good glass of wine and a relaxing afternoon in the shade. of a historic cherry tree.

Website ➜ www.giuseppecortese.it

%WEB – From the small vineyard that the family had cultivated for generations, the first Barbaresco Rabajà was born, a story that continues today and that has made Giuseppe Cortese one of the greatest exponents of Barbaresco wine.

%SHOOTING – Experience Arnolfo’s magic. An expression of cuisine in which tradition, modernity and art meet.

%SHOOTING – The customer wanted to show the winery’s historic locals with a shooting that reflected the centuries-old history of the castle and its winery, to represent the strong historical identity that the company currently owns and the premises steeped in passion for winemaking.

%ONE – The Agriturismo Ca ‘d Linet is located in Coazzolo, a small hilly village in the Langhe near Castagnole delle Lanze, Neive and Mango. It is a small restaurant with rooms for tourists.

%WEB – Since 1986 in La Morra, a small town in the heart of the Langhe, which has always been known for its prestigious vineyards, Roberto Voerzio has been producing one of the most appreciated Barolos by international critics.

%ONE – There is a lot of history inside Castello di Verduno winery, which unfolds around a single great passion, that for the noblest of vines: Nebbiolo. A family tradition that has led to what is now the Verduno Castle: hotel, restaurant, cellar and farmhouse.

%ONE – The vineyards of this brand, cultivated on the sunny surrounding hills, ensure that high quality wines are produced and each year give unique emotions and new incentives to seek ever higher quality. Passion, experience and constant commitment have allowed the company to know many generations, the last of which has enriched it with vineyards born from the most important Moscato d’Asti selections.
%VIDEO – How many times have you happened to have a video shot on a day where the weather was bad, with a gray sky, and it fails to fully enhance your shots? Fortunately, there is a remedy for almost everything.