BeRadio - S03 E05 - 2021 summer brand identity – BeRadio

1 weekStarted on 25.06.2021

In the third season together with the BeRadio brand, we refreshed the general image of the components, with new photographs and a more youthful graphic leitmotif. We also took care of the season and summer events.

Since this brand has a consolidated online presence, the seasons always take place between the end of the summer and the beginning of the next one, but often activities and events are set up that lead the BeRadio brand to be very active during the summer. For this reason, we decided to create a communication line that could support the brand during the three summer months, within their events.

By reusing some of the assets of the regular season, we created a new type of post, more streamlined and without writing, showing the artists at work in their sketches, with the reference colors and shapes that give a summer vibe.

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