Fuoriritmo - S04 E01 - ADV Campaign for “Amor ch’a Be Radio amar perdona”

1 weekStarted on 14.02.2020

Before the Covid pandemic exploded around the world, we managed to organize a love-themed show on Valentine's Day. We made the graphics for this project.

2020 was a bad year for theaters and shows. Before everything was closed, we managed to organize a show for which we took care of the graphics and social promotion, with targeted Adv campaigns and dedicated graphics.

“All you need is love”? No! All you need is a great show by FuoriRitmo! If you are in love, if you suffer for love, or if you have not yet found your soul mate, come to the show, you will finally find everything you are looking for, the answers to your questions, even and above all if you have never formulated them. We know, Valentine’s Day is a bad period, whether you are in a couple or not, and therefore Be Radio is here for you, to help you get out of it unscathed.

The show was all about feelings and love, so we took a soft pink as the base color, accompanying it with red in different shades. We have equipped everything with a graphic pattern with roses, the flower symbol of romanticism. Our intervention also extended to the logo, which was modified precisely for this special occasion.

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We followed the theater company in their live shows, taking care of the brand identity and taking care of the direct promotion of the events, with graphics and kits designed specifically for different occasions.