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Fuoriritmo - S03 E02 - Adv campaign for “Un posto all’ombra”

2 weeksStarted on 26.06.2019

We supported the spring-summer tour of the theater group by thinking of a graphic line for posters, branding and total communication of the organized events.

This is the second show organized by the company for the 2019 season, staged in the summer months. The company proposed a Variety show, with live music. We took care of the graphics, creating flyers, posters and digital graphics for social events and on the official website of the theater group.

Every summer, thousands of tourists hurry to leave for the holidays, forming endless queues on the highway, loading their cars with donuts, deckchairs, surfboards, buckets, rackets, umbrellas and accessories of all kinds … but why push yourself so far away when you can fully experience the summer atmosphere comfortably seated in the stalls? Exactly! In our summer show you will find all the ingredients you need to break the monotony of your summer, including music, sketches and lots of surprises!

We used blue, a reference to both the sea and the clear summer sky, as the reference color. Everything was accompanied by flat graphics that refer to the shape of the classic show ticket, accompanied by summer graphic elements, such as fins, deck chairs, umbrellas and so on.

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We followed the theater company in their live shows, taking care of the brand identity and taking care of the direct promotion of the events, with graphics and kits designed specifically for different occasions.