Under control - S01 E06 - Advertising test – Barone

10 daysStarted on 24.11.2020

Our first season with Carni Barone began after the completion of the website. In the first year, we carried out a social media promotion program, in preparation for the release of an eCommerce platform the following year. We focused on giving a precise and easily recognizable identity to the customer.

During our management, some posts perform better than others, as they normally do within platforms, for combinations of numerous factors. Sometimes, we find it appropriate to take advantage of the best opportunities. To fully exploit the great potential that a post has, which already works organically, we can grant the possibility to test our management of paid advertisements for free, thanks to which our technicians follow the customer in setting up an advertising campaign with only budget, which he decided, at his expense. The choice of targeting and all the settings that define it (geographical area, age, gender, interests, etc …), the control of the advertising campaign, are calibrated according to our analyzes and with direct advice from the customer, remaining then under our management and care, in order to set up the campaign to obtain the best possible result. In this case, the sponsored post reached around 65,000 people.
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