Say cheese - S02 E06 - Results analysis – CEDIS

Whole campaignStarted on 03.02.2021

In our second season together, we have adopted a more geometric style, aiming to make the page not only a place of promotion, but also a reference point for food lovers, enhancing the brands and sponsors shown and strengthening the commercial identity.

Facebook Insights are a real gold mine for marketers and for us, managing different -very different- channels. Thanks to these data, in fact, we can check if the social media strategy we have put in place for the brand works, adjust the game and obtain increasingly effective performance. depending on the customer’s business objectives.

One key metric among all the ones we track in Insights is Coverage. In particular, we need a lot to monitor both the organic reach of the posts we create, which we place in evidence with organic strategies, and to view an analysis of reactions, comments and shares to understand the viral potential of the content created.

Not to be underestimated, then, the negative feedbacks that have a significant impact on the future performance of the posts and the page. We particularly take into account the data of those who report content as spam or find it uninteresting, as if the number is high, Facebook is unlikely to show it to other people. In this case the numbers were positive, the coverage of posts increased by about 351% and we received few reports. This led the customer to decide to continue the social service.

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