Under control - S01 E04 - Anniversaries – Barone

1 weekStarted on 20.09.2020

Our first season with Carni Barone began after the completion of the website. In the first year, we carried out a social media promotion program, in preparation for the release of an eCommerce platform the following year. We focused on giving a precise and easily recognizable identity to the customer.

Throughout the year, it is important for every brand to be ready and active. Creating an editorial calendar for social media is one of the activities we carry out at the beginning of each project. When creating an editorial plan for social media platforms, it is always a key point for us to know in advance a list of the main holidays and days dedicated to the specific sector of the client, in order to organize and plan the content that will be published on those specific dates. We thus prepare in time the outputs for Christmas, Easter, New Year, and more specific occasions related to the client’s sector. Of course, it is always important to “ride the wave” with the trends of the moment, but knowing from beforehand, month by month, what are the recurrences and the dates on which to publish the various posts is fundamental for us in the content planning activity. For this reason we form a calendar with all events divided month by month and valid in any year, informing the customer of the canonical posts.
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