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Chef seasons - S02 E02 - Autumn 2017 – Walter Ferretto

3 weeksStarted on 05.08.2016

A new photographic intervention, to immortalize the new creations of a volcanic chef always ready to amaze with his ideas, his recipes and his boundless creativity. Our photographers had the difficult task of rendering the taste sensations of each dish in images.

In this autumn shooting, we noticed that our client turned to a very pop and artistic style, with the decorations on the plates that were very reminiscent of Pollock’s paintings. But there was also space for the tradition of the territory, which has always been one of the cornerstones of this restaurant.

Even dishes, like people, have a better profile than the other. This is why we took new photos from different angles, turning around the plate, photographing it from top to bottom and vice versa. There are dishes that, due to their composition, must be photographed in their entirety, while others require closer shots and are more tantalizing if they show only one detail.

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A starred restaurant with a tradition of over 20 years managed by the Ferretto family. Walter Ferretto carries out an author cuisine restaurant with great skill and skill, focusing not only on the heritage offered by the territory but also on hospitality and centrality of the customer.