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Glamour style - S03 E03 - Campaign trend analysis – Antinè

2 weeksStarted on 09.03.2021

Given the good results of the previous year on the page, the social management service has been renewed for the second year, continuing the strategy and also opening up to targeted ads.

The Covid situation has hit the restaurant business in Italy really hard. For this reason, before starting again with the planning of new posts, it was necessary to make a point of the situation together with the customer. The social intervention has suffered a decline, due to the inability of people to go to restaurants.

We have therefore thoroughly analyzed the situation and created a completely new publication plan, to entice people to return safely to the restaurant. Clearly the posts have started to flow again and have brought an increase in people reached with very high percentages and new interactions.

Analyzes of data after a period of inactivity are always a bit “liar”, as the data is somewhat distorted. For more complete results, we have made an appointment at the end of the year, after a more consistent management period.

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