Meat new friends - S02 E02 - Combinations and accessories – Barone

2 weeksStarted on 14.10.2020

To accompany the eCommerce in development with professional photos, we have been several times in the customer's laboratory, where the meat is processed, to photograph cuts of all kinds from different angles with studied and well-balanced combinations.

An object in itself “trivial”, extrapolated from the context or removed from the human element, must capture the attention of the observer for the simple beauty or perfection of the photograph that has immortalized it. Especially if it is a raw cut of meat, which can seem very direct, alienating and in some ways strange if it is not presented in the right way. The light, color, framing and cutting of commercial photography must be studied in detail.


Before the shooting, therefore, a long research work was carried out, to make a unique and easily recognizable combination for each category and type of meat. Fruits, vegetables, aromatic herbs and tubers, berries and mushrooms have been chosen, in order to have a color spectrum that is also different from the classic red / pink of the meat.

All the combinations were then reviewed together with the customer, who said about him and then helped us to define them in more detail. In this way we arrived at the shooting with a well-defined list and clear combinations, which saved us a lot of time in managing the entire service.


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Meat new friends

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