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Glamour style - S02 E03 - Content insertion – Antinè

1 weekStarted on 15.07.2020

After a period of pause, the customer decided to revamp his presence on social media by focusing on a complete management with regular posts and a well-defined communication strategy.

Starting from the images and graphic templates we had created, we began to make the page characterized to host the new customer communication line. We changed the profile and cover pictures, entered all contact information and dealt with every customer contact part.

In fact, we have set up automatic replies in the chat, to support the customer from the very beginning of his contact with us. We have implemented a section dedicated to the menu and all the necessary accompanying information, from the imprint to the connection with Instagram.

In fact, with a view to approaching a younger audience, we have opened and set up an Instagram account directly connected to Facebook, thanks to which we communicate in a more fresh way the dishes and creations of the chef, Manuel Bouchard.

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