Under control - S02 E08 - Creation of dedicated banners – Barone

1 weekStarted on 12.07.2021

Once the creation of the eCommerce platform was completed, we managed the customer's commercial offer. In the meantime, we've set up a dedicated social media team that has focused on product promotion, special offers, and customer expansion.

Once the eCommerce was ready to go live, we started carrying out the kit for its main site. In fact, this was already created with a commercial approach and ready for sale. It already featured some logics (fake product sheets, countdown for use) aimed at eCommerce.

Once the development was completed, however, the project was aesthetically different and did not communicate with what we had previously entered on the site. The customer then bought a spray to fix it aesthetically.

Our graphic designers have taken photographs, fonts and colors used within the eCommerce platform to create a series of promotional banners that were able to redirect the public to the shop and encourage them to purchase.

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