Under control - S02 E01 - eCommerce promotion graphics – Barone

4 weeksStarted on 02.02.2021

Once the creation of the eCommerce platform was completed, we managed the customer's commercial offer. In the meantime, we've set up a dedicated social media team that has focused on product promotion, special offers, and customer expansion.

In preparation for the release of the brand new eCommerce platform developed by our client, the web department collaborated closely with the graphic designers of the social media team to develop a promotion strategy.

Specific posts have been designed to catalyze attention and intrigue about the release of the new site. For the images, some of the shots that the photographers took in the client’s premises were used.

In fact, to start selling products online, having a good site is not enough, but you must make the best use of digital marketing tools to generate traffic. And the most used at the moment are social networks.

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