Meat new friends - S01 E03 - Photographs at the market – Barone

1 weekStarted on 11.09.2020

We took shots of the butcher's staff at different stages of their work, both in their laboratory and live while they were at work, in contact with customers. We have tried to capture all their professionalism and passion for what they put into what they do, every day.

One of the most important things about this customer is direct contact with customers. While we were in the pipeline with the dynamic website, we needed shots that would help us represent the client in his “natural habitat”, in contact with people in city markets. We thus followed him in three days of work, monitoring his gestures and capturing the most natural poses possible.


Our team acted discreetly, without interfering with the client’s work and above all without ever showing ordinary people in the face. In short, we didn’t want them to be too set photographs, but not stolen shots either. This is how the final result was a sort of middle ground between street photography and studio photography.


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Meat new friends

The Barone butcher, founded in 1980, has always worked with competence and professionalism to offer customers quality products. A reality rooted in local tradition that goes further, also looking at the foreign market to establish itself and achieve the highest quality standards.