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Glamour style - S02 E02 - Graphic assets creation – Antinè

2 weeksStarted on 17.06.2020

After a period of pause, the customer decided to revamp his presence on social media by focusing on a complete management with regular posts and a well-defined communication strategy.

The social management team has thought of creating mosaic posts, characterized by golden details and short and incisive sentences, to intrigue and target the public. The use of elements referring to the website leads to wanting to visit the page directly.

The posts were created starting from photographs provided by the customer, which were adapted to the processing and integrated with graphic elements and golden details, which suggest an idea of exclusivity and at the same time recall the color choice of the website. Geometric patterns have been implemented in the background.

The importance of the dialogue with the web division was fundamental to create together a unique graphic line capable of working both on mainstream platforms and within the site itself. We have deliberately kept a common graphic motif to give continuity to the work done by the web section and to guarantee immediate recognition to the customer.

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  1. elenalombardo

    Golden style!

    10.0 rating