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Under control - S01 E01 - Market analysis – Barone

2 weeksStarted on 14.06.2020

Our first season with Carni Barone began after the completion of the website. In the first year, we carried out a social media promotion program, in preparation for the release of an eCommerce platform the following year. We focused on giving a precise and easily recognizable identity to the customer.

This process began with a very substantial research activity. The customer owned a Facebook page with few interactions, managed without a real strategy. We also looked at the client’s main competitors, trying to understand their strategies, how they maintained contact with the public and which were the most common techniques. Given that one of the main objectives of the client was to open up to young people, we highlighted the lack of an Instagram account, currently the most used social network. Furthermore, the lack of professionalism in the images could suggest an overly amateurish approach. Furthermore, we have found that especially for customers in the butchery sector, social visibility is always reduced, as the internal policies of the social network do not favor the promotion of the sale of animals. We tried to understand which was the main audience the customer should have been targeting, to be more precise in managing content.

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