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Road home - S01 E01 - Market analysis – VerdeAbitare

1 weekStarted on 08.07.2020

Start-up of social media management with setting of the graphic line, the tone of communication and the selection of the main target of reference for the real estate agency. Data analysis and long-term planning for the future were the main cornerstones of this campaign.

When we start a social project with the customer, before intervening massively on contents and settings, we prefer to take a few days to carry out a careful analysis of everything that can be useful to provide the best possible service. To do this, of course, we start with a sector analysis, looking for the main competitors and studying what their main tactics are on social networks.

As for the state of affairs, the customer’s Facebook and Instagram pages were already existing and managed by the owner of the company, it goes without saying that the management was discontinuous and without a real publication plan. Sometimes it was just a matter of sharing other posts, articles or news, but without a strategy.

Observing the different real estate realities, we realized that most of these realities aim at immediate contact, with a complete and exhaustive presentation of the offer and contacts in plain sight. To make the page perform correctly, therefore, this was the main way to go.

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For 25 years, Verde Abitare has been a real estate agency in the heart of Monferrato, now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This real estate agent does not deal with simple properties, but unique places immersed in unforgettable landscapes, in which to live.