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Glamour style - S02 E01 - Market and competitor analysis – Antinè

10 daysStarted on 09.06.2020

After a period of pause, the customer decided to revamp his presence on social media by focusing on a complete management with regular posts and a well-defined communication strategy.

On the occasion of a restyling, the customer told us that he wanted to dedicate himself more to a young audience, and therefore that he was interested in learning more about the management of social channels. To do this, years after our last intervention, a general reorganization was needed. We started with a very broad research and analysis activity. Since our last intervention, there had been very few posts and consequently the interactions on social channels.

We then focused on the customer’s main competitors. Some were managed by other teams, so we saw how they kept in contact with the public and which techniques were the most popular. Subsequently, our search for information was done at the zonal level, seeing which restaurants (with the same target) were successful in the social network, and how they managed to maintain it. We tried to understand which was the main audience the customer should have addressed, to be more precise in managing the content. All this, carefully observing what was produced by the web design department, intent on redoing the layout of the website.

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