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Chef seasons - S04 E02 - New layout creation- Walter Ferretto

3 weeksStarted on 04.06.2021

The time was ripe to carry out a complete restyling of the website, now obsolete and out of the stylistic canons that the market presents. We have carried out a total overhaul of the application with changes in layout and revolutionized portfolio management.

Once the objectives and functions to be implemented were defined, our front-end development team began the creation of the new graphic layout of the site, according to the provisions of the project plan. In the meantime, the client sent in new images which the designers immediately started post-producing.

The style of the entire site has been revised to create a theme that could be more in touch with current design and layout trends. In this way it has been made more contemporary and usable, with beautiful hover reactions and a well-organized portfolio, with few but carefully chosen words.

To allow the customer to view what our studios have done so far, we carried out a first review using a remote control program. In this way he was given the opportunity to test what has been developed so far, together with a member of the technical team who illustrated the progress made and described the next steps of the work.

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A starred restaurant with a tradition of over 20 years managed by the Ferretto family. Walter Ferretto carries out an author cuisine restaurant with great skill and skill, focusing not only on the heritage offered by the territory but also on hospitality and centrality of the customer.