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Glamour style - S03 E02 - Organic sharing plan – Antinè

6 weeksStarted on 04.02.2021

Given the good results of the previous year on the page, the social management service has been renewed for the second year, continuing the strategy and also opening up to targeted ads.

Knowing that every page must be active to be noticed well, you can’t go wrong in choosing the content. Moreover, the algorithm that decides the contents displayed in the news feed of profiles and pages is often variable, depending on the simple time of year, and therefore continues to have a very important impact on the visibility of brands on the platforms.

It is therefore necessary to take advantage of every possible opportunity to your advantage to create captivating content able to collect the largest number of users on the page and increase engagement. Food has always been a topic that has gone very strong on social networks, there are many groups and pages dedicated to it and to good food. We had no difficulty in identifying the best performing ones.

Over time, we have developed various organic promotion tactics that help us “push” content that can have more response and prominence among users. One of the most successful ones, which never fails to bring results, is the targeted sharing in groups belonging to the customer’s product sector. In this way we can organically reach a good number of audiences, and above all users interested in the topics covered.

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