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Glamour style - S01 E01 - Photos post-production – Antinè

2 weeksStarted on 14.09.2017

In the first season of our collaboration, the social management consisted of the simple post-production of the shots and the populating of the facebook page with posts created and sharing of articles related to the restaurant.

When we created the website for this client, his Facebook page didn’t exist yet. On our advice, it was opened, but we were not entrusted with the complete management, only the initial setup and some publications. Deliberately, a communication line was not defined, since the customer did not focus much on the social tool. For this, we took care of post-producing the photos that were taken in the shooting, together with those provided by the customer, to use them on the page. In this way, we have set all the necessary bases to have a curated social profile.
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