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Say cheese - S02 E05 - Post for special events – CEDIS

10 daysStarted on 29.05.2020

In our second season together, we have adopted a more geometric style, aiming to make the page not only a place of promotion, but also a reference point for food lovers, enhancing the brands and sponsors shown and strengthening the commercial identity.

When talking to the representative of a specific sector, you need to talk to him to understand exactly what he needs. Not only that: you must also be ready to immerse yourself in his reality, to experience his world and understand what can be interesting for the audience that follows him.

In this case we are talking about a food company, an activity that has to be always towards its public, with home deliveries, direct selling and so on. We went in search of all those special days dedicated to the world of food, national and international which could have been a good viaticum for contacts on social pages. So we created posts on typical italian dishes, on certified origin foods, on recipes, on environments, that could arouse curiosity and interests among users.

In fact, at this stage, the customer relied heavily on telephone and e-mail sales , with the contacts coming from the social pages. We therefore set up the posts so that they were an invitation for users to contact our customer.

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