Meat new friends - S02 E04 - Post-production phase – Barone

5 weeksStarted on 25.01.2021

To accompany the eCommerce in development with professional photos, we have been several times in the customer's laboratory, where the meat is processed, to photograph cuts of all kinds from different angles with studied and well-balanced combinations.

In commercial photography, to get good results, the post-production phase is essential. It is also thanks to it that a professional commercial photographic team stands out from amateurs. The key is always to do what is necessary for the photo to be the way we want it, but not for it to be perfect.

During the shooting phase, a professional commercial photographer obtains a raw digital file in RAW format, which allows them to work better in post-production, with complex software.

The post-production of a commercial photograph includes two stages. The first phase involves optimizing the file: first of all, the file is analyzed and verified that it is correct, then color, brightness and contrast are checked. The second phase includes the optimization of the photographed subject and then the possible retouching and its refinement.

A good post-production often takes even longer than the shooting. As a common line of the team, we always and only rely on photographic reality. Blurring, for example, must necessarily correspond to the photographic principle. Fake is not part of the professional way of working.

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Meat new friends

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