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Glamour style - S01 E02 - Posting – Antinè

8 weeksStarted on 09.11.2017

In the first season of our collaboration, the social management consisted of the simple post-production of the shots and the populating of the facebook page with posts created and sharing of articles related to the restaurant.

The start of the customer’s social page could not be empty. A newly created page certainly cannot be without content, and that is why, in agreement with the customer, we have started a strategy of posting and sharing articles related to the restaurant. All this had the task of populating the page, so as not to make it remain empty.

In fact, at the time of the publication of the website, the customer was addressing a different audience, who are not used to social media, and decided not to continue with the management of the social channel because he wanted to concentrate his promotional campaign. on other sources. However, it was decided by mutual agreement to set up a social discourse, to leave it set in anticipation of a future opening. Which actually happened a few years later.

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