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Glamour style - S02 E04 - Posting strategy – Antinè

2 weeksStarted on 28.07.2020

After a period of pause, the customer decided to revamp his presence on social media by focusing on a complete management with regular posts and a well-defined communication strategy.

A careful analysis of the content to be shared in every single post is a crucial step, together with the careful planning of publication days and times, to hit the right target at the right time. The frequency of publication is very important to increase and improve engagement. This, consequently, leads to an organic growth of the customer’s channels.

But we always prefer to be clear from the beginning, saying that there is no formula suitable for everyone: if on the profile of a certain company one of our teams publishes two or three times a day, this does not mean that it is also suitable for another type. of company. Every single case must be scrupulously analyzed and decided accordingly.

For this client, during the competitor analysis we carefully noted the times and results of the posts that were published, and only after comparing the results, we developed a precise strategy.

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