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Glamour style - S03 E01 - Renewal and insights – Antinè

2 weeksStarted on 20.01.2021

Given the good results of the previous year on the page, the social management service has been renewed for the second year, continuing the strategy and also opening up to targeted ads.

Given the good results of the first year of social management, the customer decided to continue renewing his product. This allowed us to continue with our assets that had worked, with some slight changes that came to us by analyzing the insights.

In fact, we recorded an increase of over 200% in page views, with 100% more likes and 125% increase in interactions. On average, the posts reach more than 20,000 people per month, and all this without using organic promotion tools.

The social media management department, now with a well-targeted audience, knows exactly which areas to push with new content, and in fact, once the renewal was confirmed, it met to define the next steps.

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