Austerity - S01 E06 - Responsive adaptation – Palma

3 weeksStarted on 21.06.2021

The customer requested the intervention of the Studios to completely renew their web image, which was getting old as it wasn’t updated with the current new stylistic canons. In addition, an intervention on the accessories portfolio was requested, because it was too cumbersome.

Responsive design is the design we use to create internet pages that respond to the type of device where they are viewed. It could be a desktop PC, a smartphone, a tablet whose screen could be of the most varied sizes.

To date, it is vital for a website to have the ability to be viewed from any type of device, since the desktop PC is now only one, and not one of the most popular, viewing modes. Many users view websites from their tablets or even more frequently from their mobile phones. It is therefore necessary that each site be viewable without errors of any kind.

For this, we dedicate a good part of our intervention to making all the work developed for the views from each device.

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