A spray of gold - S01 E05 - Snippets for SEO – Antinè

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The customer, who had taken advantage of the creation of the website, requested a restyling work, to reflect the spirit of his place in the web identity as well, a bistro that offers refined cuisine to a young audience, with a fresh and elegant style.

A very important part that we took care of at the end of the project was that relating to SEO, compiling the snippets for each page of the site in order to make it searchable by the right people, or by potential customers for the bistro.

Knowing how the customer is viewed by potential users is a very important possibility for a variety of reasons. On the one hand, in fact, by differing even slightly from the others, it will be able to immediately capture the attention of users. By integrating the boxes with more detailed information, the information and services offered can be better communicated. If, on the other hand, we are users we will be perfectly able to understand, at first glance, if a result is the one that best suits us or if it is not.

This operation, vital for the searchability of the site within the SERPs, is the one that closes the project before the final review and delivery to the customer.

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Reference point of Barbaresco cuisine, Bistrot Antinè is characterized by refinement and elegance with the aim of transmitting this style also to young audiences, in search of new flavors. A refined food style, aimed at everyone.