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Glamour style - S02 E05 - Social insights – Antinè

1 monthStarted on 06.08.2020

After a period of pause, the customer decided to revamp his presence on social media by focusing on a complete management with regular posts and a well-defined communication strategy.

Thanks to a study on the audience to whom the campaign was to be addressed, a specific target was defined to hit, adapting and calibrating the creation of the posts on the basis of what emerged from the preliminary study analyses.

+346% People reached in one month
+188% Interactions in one month
+69% Likes on the page

These first data, although partial results of a management at the start, are very encouraging and, seen in the in-depth analysis, they helped us to get a very precise idea of where we wanted to arrive, what our objectives should be for this client and which were the areas for improvement.

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