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Road home - S01 E04 - Social insights – VerdeAbitare

10 daysStarted on 27.07.2021

Start-up of social media management with setting of the graphic line, the tone of communication and the selection of the main target of reference for the real estate agency. Data analysis and long-term planning for the future were the main cornerstones of this campaign.

Social media insights are statistics and data that provide us with information on our performance in monitoring the various channels. To know what result we need to check, we must first ask ourselves what are the objectives we want to achieve by attending each platform. On the one hand, the support of precise data is required in the phase of defining our objectives; on the other hand, based on the latter we will have to check different metrics: if we aim for sharing we will want to keep an eye on different data than if we were aiming for email sign-up or CTR.

Each social network offers a section of “Insight” or “Analytics” thanks to which we can obtain most of the main information. Usually, with each client we do an in-depth analysis of this data, which tells us a lot about our work and the areas where improvement is needed. In this case, we recorded an increase in interactions of 157%, a monthly coverage with an average of about 87,000 people and a number of likes on the page doubled compared to the beginning of our management. Good numbers, which certify how well-planned work can bring great satisfaction.

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