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3 weeksStarted on 07.04.2021

The company wanted to revamp its social image, whose management was in a state of semi-abandonment, with a strategy aimed at targeting not only Italian users, but also abroad, in particular France and English-speaking countries, with which industry maintains commercial relations.

Finding ourselves in contact with a tissue paper industry, we had to set up the social plan on the basis of the products and the values ​​of ecology carried out by the company. But how do you make this content interesting to the public? We need to find a way to actively involve the audience.

In fact, when you talk to the representative of a specific sector, you need to talk to him to understand exactly what he needs. Not only that: you must also be ready to immerse yourself in his reality of him, to live his world of him and understand what can be interesting for the audience that follows him.

We dug up several special events, world and national days that could have been great for a more curious post on the page. Everything is always linked to paper, the woods or things related to the world of tissue (why not, the cold, for example). These types of posts, made in English to reach an international audience, bring a common user closer to a business and very technical reality.

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