Under control - S01 E05 - Special publications – Barone

2 weeksStarted on 21.10.2020

Our first season with Carni Barone began after the completion of the website. In the first year, we carried out a social media promotion program, in preparation for the release of an eCommerce platform the following year. We focused on giving a precise and easily recognizable identity to the customer.

When talking to the representative of a specific sector, you need to talk to him to understand exactly what he needs. Not only that: you must also be ready to immerse yourself in his reality, to experience his world and understand what can be interesting for the audience that follows him.

In this case we are talking about a butcher, who loves being in direct contact with his customers and is an absolute expert in meat from all over the world. We went in search of all those special days dedicated to the world of meat, national and international – from burgers to food, from cured meats to Angus – which could have been a good viaticum for contacts on social pages.

In fact, at this stage, the customer relied heavily on the telephone sales speech, with the contacts coming from the social pages. We therefore set up the posts so that they were an invitation for users to contact our customer.

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