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Chef seasons - S03 E03 - Staff 2018 – Walter Ferretto

1 monthStarted on 22.11.2018

In this year we have not only carried out seasonal photo shoots, but we have also dedicated ourselves to photos of the restaurant staff, in order to have an updated and professional image on the entire website that was under our management for contents and layout.

In the final stages of the year we took shots of the restaurant staff, in particular the chef. For these shots we wanted to take a different approach, that is, while we usually tend to take clean and glossy portraits, we wanted to capture people in their kingdom, in the kitchen, where they create, invent and experiment the recipes that customers savor in the dining room.

Our team has thus followed them in the meanders behind the scenes of the restaurant, immortalizing the protagonists at work in the kitchens and bringing the user inside the key places of the entire restaurant.

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A starred restaurant with a tradition of over 20 years managed by the Ferretto family. Walter Ferretto carries out an author cuisine restaurant with great skill and skill, focusing not only on the heritage offered by the territory but also on hospitality and centrality of the customer.