Meat new friends - S01 E01 - Staff personal shots – Barone

10 daysStarted on 14.05.2020

We took shots of the butcher's staff at different stages of their work, both in their laboratory and live while they were at work, in contact with customers. We have tried to capture all their professionalism and passion for what they put into what they do, every day.

It is often said that a picture is worth a thousand words and this concept is certainly confirmed by our daily experience (just think of how much television, since its birth, has revolutionized our way of life), but it is also supported by studies scientific. First of all, an image is more immediate than a text. Man processes visual information 60,000 times faster than written information. A person retains 80% of what he sees, 20% of what he reads and 10% of what he hears.


We made, with our photographic team, a series of shots that represented the client in his work environment. We represented him in his clothes that he wears all rounds, with cuts of meat. We decided to represent it directly, with the gaze fixed on the lens, a reassuring and professional expression, and some cuts, which characterize the presentation.


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Meat new friends

The Barone butcher, founded in 1980, has always worked with competence and professionalism to offer customers quality products. A reality rooted in local tradition that goes further, also looking at the foreign market to establish itself and achieve the highest quality standards.