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Chef seasons - S04 E01 - State of fact – Walter Ferretto

1 weekStarted on 20.05.2021

The time was ripe to carry out a complete restyling of the website, now obsolete and out of the stylistic canons that the market presents. We have carried out a total overhaul of the application with changes in layout and revolutionized portfolio management.

After defining the technical team that will take care of the actual implementation of the project, we analyzed the current state of the site that the customer had developed with us. It was a 5-year-old application whose structure, even at this distance of time, was still very solid.

In fact, we started from this base to develop the entire restyling, reworking the templates. Looking at the old website portfolio, our team found that it was unclear for external viewers. It was difficult to understand the dishes, their ingredients and their history. Furthermore, on the website there was no reference to the customer’s decades-long history, and it was composed essentially by images, which was good years ago, but now it’s a bit out of time.

The proposal our team made to the customer involved the creation of a new website graphic design, with a total restyling of the layout and the reorganization of the categories of the portfolio menu to create an interface with a high usability. In fact, this was the main issue that had to be resolved. The website was too complex to deal with, so the end users might have found it hard to understand and probably, they couldn’t be able to correctly consult the customers’ menu.

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A starred restaurant with a tradition of over 20 years managed by the Ferretto family. Walter Ferretto carries out an author cuisine restaurant with great skill and skill, focusing not only on the heritage offered by the territory but also on hospitality and centrality of the customer.