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Chef seasons - S03 E01 - Summer 2018 – Walter Ferretto

1 monthStarted on 20.06.2018

In this year we have not only carried out seasonal photo shoots, but we have also dedicated ourselves to photos of the restaurant staff, in order to have an updated and professional image on the entire website that was under our management for contents and layout.

For the new summer season of the restaurant, we wanted to fully represent the contaminations of the different culinary cultures and the colorful colors that are enhanced by the chef’s creations, with choreographic and spectacular dishes.

Photographing food is an art. Being able to get fantastic images of succulent dishes that tell the user “eat me” is something that requires skill, technique and creativity and, to avoid disastrous results, it is best to be prepared. We brought all our best still life equipment, from tripods to lights, from lens park to softboxes. Because it is true that with the spread of tablets and smartphones we tend to think that anyone who owns a mobile device can produce exceptional images, but for professional shots it is necessary to have a minimum of basic equipment.

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A starred restaurant with a tradition of over 20 years managed by the Ferretto family. Walter Ferretto carries out an author cuisine restaurant with great skill and skill, focusing not only on the heritage offered by the territory but also on hospitality and centrality of the customer.