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Chef seasons - S04 E04 - Translation management – Walter Ferretto

2 weeksStarted on 14.07.2021

The time was ripe to carry out a complete restyling of the website, now obsolete and out of the stylistic canons that the market presents. We have carried out a total overhaul of the application with changes in layout and revolutionized portfolio management.

The customer is based in Italy, but mainly trades with foreign countries, with English-speaking countries. For this, there was an absolute need to provide the correct translations in the new language, grammatically flawless and with the right technical terms. We gathered our translators, and they documented themselves on the world of food and restaurants and on the main terms with which products in this area are recognized.

Thanks to the purchase of our translation product, the client was able to have two native speakers at his disposal who took charge of everything, after the web technicians duplicated the structure. Several reviews were carried out together with restaurant representatives, so that each word was correct especially for what concerns the specific terms of the sector.

All the contents of the site have been translated, and so now the site is fully understandable also for English-speaking people that would come in the Monferrato for tourist purposes. All this was desired and indicated by the client with his own lists, which we followed closely to give the most professional result possible.

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