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2020 - 2021

Under control

Newest Episode: S02 E09

The Barone butcher, founded in 1980, has always worked with competence and professionalism to offer customers quality products. A reality rooted in local tradition that goes further, also looking at the foreign market to establish itself and achieve the highest quality standards.

Tissue paper converting company, present on the national and international market for over 30 years, ICA Tissue offers a complete service suitable for every need, with the production of over 10 types of paper in mother reel format.
2017 - 2021

Glamour style

Newest Episode: S03 E04

Reference point of Barbaresco cuisine, Bistrot Antinè is characterized by refinement and elegance with the goal of transmitting this style also to young audiences, in search of new flavors. A refined meal, aimed at everyone.

Road home

Newest Episode: S02 E04
For 25 years, Verde Abitare has been a real estate agency in the heart of Monferrato, now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This real estate agent does not deal with simple properties, but unique places immersed in unforgettable landscapes, in which to live.
2017-2019 - 2020-2021

Say cheese

Newest Episode: S02 E06

CE.DI.S Group is a wholesale distribution company specializing in food products, food and gastronomic specialties and the resale of major food brands.

2020 - 2021

In memoriam

Newest Episode: S02 E05

The Roberto Palma funeral home company has been operating in all contexts of the funeral sector in Piedmont and throughout the Asti area since 1991. With its own means and affiliated with a service company in the area, it manages funerals in Asti, more than one a day, when necessary.

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