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GLG Rapid Doors, a company that produces professional components for industrial logistics designed for different product sectors.
%SHOOTING - Tutorial photography with operator and photo shooting at the production plants.
%SHOOTING - Tutorial photography with operator and photo shooting at the logistic area.
Photography, web and social media management were the main activities of this communication project.
%SHOOTING - Experience Arnolfo's magic. An expression of cuisine in which tradition, modernity and art meet.
%SHOOTING - From the tradition learned from the ancestors to the passion and organization, to wrap the visual presentation of their being in an always innovative form.
%SHOOTING - A 5 Star Luxury Hotel, with 150 years of history behind it.
%VIDEO - Promoting a restaurant with photos and without videos means that the photos must be made dynamic in some way, in movement.
%VIDEO - Let's say you have an image shot during the day and you want to change the light so that it looks like it was shot at night.

Website ➜ shop.carnibarone.it

%COM - After developing a dynamic website with us, the customer wanted to raise the bar and develop an eCommerce platform that could help him enhance his commercial offer online as well.

%VIDEO - How beautiful are the images from above? A lot, because they help to amaze the user and give a different perspective of what you are looking at.
%VIDEO - Do you know what the rotoscope is? It is a much more "ancient" technique than you think, even already used in the early days of animation cinema.
%VIDEO - The elegance of a logo must always be valued, but never as much as the elegance of a brand.
%VIDEO - Representing Italy in a video is a titanic undertaking. How do you do? And if the video has to be short, what's the right way to show everything?
%VIDEO - The lightning bolt is a simple effect generated by our editing software, which allows us to customize it as we please.

%VIDEO - Giesse is a company that produces steel and PVC warehouses, locking systems, loading bays and high-speed doors for industries, with over twenty years of experience in the logistics sector.

%WEB - Architecture firm that hinges its business on the integration of multidisciplinary skills to give further value to its projects. DP focuses its efforts on two main areas, architecture and security. It deals with the renovation and redevelopment of the building stock, the design for new buildings and the reorganization of interior spaces.


Website ➜ www.zoolandiaalba.it

%WEB - Active since 1998, Zoolandia has quickly become the main reference point for the Langhe and Roero area for agriculture, pet, gardening and fishing. One of the best known companies in the area, which for years has been offering customers products and tools for their hobbies.

%SMART - Born from a simple idea, to bring the atmosphere of the physical store online, with direct contact between producer and consumer, eFruit is the portal that allows producers and consumers to meet in a digital food marketplace.

Website ➜ www.carnibarone.it

%WEB - The Barone butcher, founded in 1980, has always worked with competence and professionalism to offer customers quality products. A reality rooted in local tradition that goes further, also looking at the foreign market to establish itself and achieve the highest quality standards.

%VIDEO - How many times have you happened to have a video shot on a day where the weather was bad, with a gray sky, and it fails to fully enhance your shots? Fortunately, there is a remedy for almost everything.

Website ➜ www.verdeabitare.it

%WEB - For 25 years, Verde Abitare has been a real estate agency in the heart of Monferrato, now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This real estate agent does not deal with simple properties, but unique places immersed in unforgettable landscapes, in which to live.

%VIDEO - Among those who first understood the effectiveness of social communication, there are sports teams, who want to be closer to their fans.

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