A great name in Cuneo's building industry. The efficiency of the teams, their preparation and their skills, the willingness to meet the needs and requests of the customer, the quality of the workers and suppliers make up the corporate identity of Taricco Costruzioni.

Three generations have carried on, with courage, but always combining humanity and professionalism, a job that is above all service. A work that the Ricaldone Pharmacy has been carrying out for over 60 years for the good of the community.

Architecture firm that hinges its business on the integration of multidisciplinary skills to give further value to its projects. DP focuses its efforts on two main areas, architecture and security. It deals with the renovation and redevelopment of the building stock, the design for new buildings and the reorganization of interior spaces.

Luciano is a brand of A4L, the first logistics holding in Italy that brings together various brands, each of which provides different industrial solutions.

GT CHIUSURE by A4L is a company specialized in the sale and installation of doors and gates for residential and industrial use.

Born from a simple idea, to bring the atmosphere of the physical store online, with direct contact between producer and consumer, eFruit is the portal that allows producers and consumers to meet in a digital food marketplace.

WhyInn® services are represented by a high quality style and the full availability of their staff in the eyes of the customer. All this allows the company to offer a unique and level service, ensuring that the customer is treated at 360 degrees.
Michele Destefanis was born in 1860. With an entrepreneurial spirit, he buys a land of 20,000 square meters and in his new company in Valpone, carries on his work, then passing the baton to his sons Bernardo and Federico, who reorganize the production and marketing of peaches and some wine. These are the ancient origins of the Destefanis winery.

Born from a simple idea, to bring the atmosphere of the physical store online, with direct contact between producer and consumer, eFruit is the portal that allows producers and consumers to meet in a digital food marketplace.

LUCIANO rapid doors has been the safe solution for industrial logistics and handling problems for 40 years. High speed doors are also called fast pvc doors as they are mainly made of this material for the entire surface of the compartment and are able to withstand fast and continuous passages.

In the heart of one of the capitals of Italian enology, young and brilliant management for this bistro located on the first floor of a building in the historic center; the gastronomic offer ranges from tradition to innovation. The kitchen of the bistro processes food with simplicity and making sure that the ingredient is always able to express itself at its best.

A4L is an engineering studio for industrial equipment, specializing in the design of various logistic structures such as mobile tunnels, rapid doors, loading bays and rigid doors.

A gym for all people of any age and level to overcome their limits and improve their well-being through movement in all its variations and a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Dvoe offers workouts in which extremism, exaggeration and beliefs have no place but are based on scientific evidence, continuous training, experience and common sense.
In search of a lifeline for his struggling off road racing team, a man takes on a young car thief looking for a second chance, but as their worlds collide, they must struggle to forge a successful alliance.
Giesse is a company that produces steel and PVC warehouses, locking systems, loading bays and high-speed doors for industries, with over twenty years of experience in the logistics sector.
The philosophy "Piedmontese tradition and creative genius" fully represents the dishes and menus of Andrea Larossa, who on the stage of Alba in the heart of the Langhe, in September 2014 opens his restaurant which in just two years has won the very famous Michelin star.
This insurance company is an insurance intermediary that has been active on the Italian territory for more than 50 years, with a complete professional service and personalized insurance proposals.
A company with a hundred-year history, Bergui Costruzioni carries out its activities in three main sectors of construction, industrial, residential and tertiary. A construction company in which innovation, professionalism and on-site safety are fundamental pillars.

Scafflog includes a group of professionals who help companies to solve any type of problem concerning equipment for the storage and handling of goods.

Fashion store located in the center of Rome, Nauga is a young company that offers its customers not the usual proposals in terms of fashion, but leaves room for the creativity of young stylists and designers.
Websites, online showcases and web apps, unique in shape, design and color. This young company produces quality websites using advanced computer technologies, transforming the customer's ideas into something virtual. Specialized in computer science, they use the right software to grow customers' ideas and passion.

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