After developing a dynamic website with us, the customer wanted to raise the bar and develop an eCommerce platform that could help him enhance his commercial offer online as well.

Luciano is a brand of A4L, the first logistics holding in Italy that brings together various brands, each of which provides different industrial solutions.

CE.DI.S Group is a wholesale distribution company specializing in food products, food and gastronomic specialties and the resale of major food brands.

Delizie Bakery is a strong point in the food industry. It incorporates the Barbero brand, excellence in the field of baked goods, and has founded an all-Piedmontese association that is nationally famous.

A brand of the food wholesale company CE.DI.S. Group, which aims to enhance local productions, enhancing their quality also at the national level. Cotto per Cuneo is a brand developed to highlight the great tradition of Granda’s ham, meaning the Cuneo area production.
The Winter Flowers Gallery is a gallery made up of shops and activities of various kinds, ranging from the clothing sector to the catering sector. Inaugurated in March 2015, it spreads over an area of about 15,000 square meters with large parking spaces; its peculiarity consists in having large and bright covered green spaces within an eco-sustainable structure where you can treat yourself to moments of relaxation and shopping in your favorite shops.
Italycafè has its roots in the solid guarantee of Made in Italy. A company that has always been committed to a very specific mission: to bring the unmistakable Italian taste to the world. The company stands out for its technical preparation, entrepreneurial transparency and constant pursuit of absolute product excellence.

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