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Website ➜ www.verdeabitare.it

%WEB - For 25 years, Verde Abitare has been a real estate agency in the heart of Monferrato, now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This real estate agent does not deal with simple properties, but unique places immersed in unforgettable landscapes, in which to live.


Website ➜ www.whyinn.com

%ONE - WhyInn® services are represented by a high quality style and the full availability of their staff in the eyes of the customer. All this allows the company to offer a unique and level service, ensuring that the customer is treated at 360 degrees.

Website ➜ www.adppdesign.it

%SMART - Born from the passion of a team of young architects and designers, today the ADpp Studio is a recognized institution in the architectural field, with projects around Italy and Europe in which architecture and design merge, combining aesthetic beauty and practicality of realization.

%SHOOTING - Guelfo Costruzioni always acts in compliance with the philosophy and priority principles that have always characterized it, such as people, safety, experience, the search for innovation, the in-depth study and study of ever new materials and techniques.

%SHOOTING - A company with a hundred-year history, Bergui Costruzioni carries out its activities in three main sectors of construction, industrial, residential and tertiary. A construction company in which innovation, professionalism and on-site safety are fundamental pillars.

%ONE - Fabrizio Taricco Costruzioni has been building buildings for years using the most modern construction technologies. The constructions are carried out with the utmost attention by serious, specialized professionals at full disposal for the individual requests of each customer.

%ONE - The construction activity of Bergui S.r.l. takes place in three main construction sectors: industrial, tertiary and residential. The activity on behalf of third parties ranges from the realization of the individual works of a project to the general contractor.

%SHOOTING - A great name in Cuneo's building industry. The efficiency of the teams, their preparation and their skills, the willingness to meet the needs and requests of the customer, the quality of the workers and suppliers make up the corporate identity of Taricco Costruzioni.

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