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TheCubes represents a points system to reward LANGA marketing projects. A project dedicated to the most ambitious companies that want to make the most of all the potential of digital, to sell and show themselves with style. We don’t work only for big brands but we have developed a special section that takes care of developing the wishes of small and medium-sized enterprises, TheCubes SMEs.

For those who believe in technicians. We prefer deeds to words. Our weapon has always been technical ability, with which we have begun to forge a new idea of digital art for businesses.
Where ideas are needed. Our developers have now touched various product sectors, acquiring the ability to best tailor marketing to different types of activities. Our thoughts with your experience.
At the right time, different teams that not only develop but also take care of and maintain marketing projects even after the end of digital creation. Promotion, restyling and assistance are the cornerstones of our support.
Why not? Our artists work on your TheCubes combining different culture and mesmerizing ideas with their different skills to convert ideas into brands, brands into business and business into satisfactions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our marketing offices

LANGA Adm center
Piazza IV Novembre, 4 Milan
(MI) 20124 ITA with offices in
New York City, Manhattan Zone 01 U.S.A.

Corso Bra, 37 Alba
(CN) 12051 ITA

Working hours

Mon-Fri: 8:00-18:00 Sunday: 9:00-12:00

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